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Went to Natural Life Chiropractic yesterday for back and neck pain. After one thirty minute session with Jared Schneider, I was able to walk out of there pain free. I could actually turn my head to the left which I hadn't been able to do without pain for weeks. This was a great experience and I highly suggest that anyone looking for a chiropractor give them a call.


I came to Natural Life desperate to relieve the pain from a bone spur on my heel. Before this I had been to a foot specialist that told me the only thing I could do is have surgery.

Jared knew exactly what to do and even with the first visit I had 0 pain when I first stood up. This meant more to me than I can say after months of PT and wearing a boot (both very unnecessary and ordered by foot specialist).

Pam is amazing to work with! I have a crazy schedule and she always made something work!! Both Pam and Jared make you feel right at home in the office. They get to know you and chat rather than just doing a job.


Ive had back and hip problems for years. Once i started coming to Natural Life i am pain free for months on end. They are also very considerate of my crazy work schedule. I always refer friends and family to go see them.


6 years ago I fractured my c-7 vertebrae in a car wreck. Since then I have been battling pain in my back, neck, chest, and arm. worst part were the daily headaches and not being able to lay in a bed without pain. I got tired of sleeping on the hard floor and went to see Jared Schneider at Natural Life Chiro. I almost instantly felt like myself before the car wreck. I had full movement again and it really motivated me. I haven't even needed to go back unlike other chiros and weekly appointments. Dr. Schneider makes you feel like a friend, like family.


I occasional have neck and back problems that I let get worse and worse as the days and weeks go by. I finally give in and call Jared Schneider. Within 20 minutes, he has be loosened up and feeling good. By Day 3, I have no pain. I recommend Jared and his team at Natural Life Chiropractic.


Dr. Schenider was referred to us by our chiropractor who retired after many years in practice. My husband and I have been patients at this chiropractic office for almost a year with overwhelmingly positive results. The chiropractor and his staff are courteous and professional. Insurance claims are handled efficiently. I find Dr. Schneider to be a compassionate person dedicated to patients and their health care. He shows concern to health issues and addresses them appropriately by manual adjustments, electrical stimulation and electrical table massage. I'm happy to have found such a pleasant, reasonable young chiropractor devoted to helping those with discomfort and pain.

-Rebecca & Chuck

I'm an avid hiker, explorer, hunter, fisherman as well as a traveling physical therapist assistant. I have a solid understanding of health and the human body and I’d confidently recommend Dr Jared Schneider when he comes to any musculoskeletal issues. I’ve seen many different chiropractors ranging from Kansas City to Washington state and have have had mixed results. Dr Jared knows what he is doing and has always helped me greatly. He is my first stop after my long drive back home from my traveling contracts.


What differentiates Dr. Schneider from every other Chiropractor in Topeka is his wholistic approach to correctly identify a problem and solve that problem. I had undiagnosed gallbladder problems for years. Visited my MD left with blood work and ultrasound that showed no problems. Re-visited my MD and left with a Px of Prilosec. Problem not solved. My options then were "it might be your gallbladder, have it removed or deal with it". I mentioned my symptoms to Dr. Schneider, he identified my problem, gave me an adjustment and provided me with a A-F betafood supplement. After years of dealing with pain and seeking solutions I was shocked with the instant improvement. I have followed Dr. Schneider's advice for 6 months and I have not had any further problems. Topeka is blessed to have a Chiropractor like Dr. Schneider, sure you can go to any other Chiropractor in town and have your back popped. You can also go to Olive Garden for authentic Italian food. Do your body a favor and see Dr. Schneider.


Dr. Schneider is great! I get headaches often and go in to get my neck adjusted and always get relief!! He and his staff are so nice and always willing to work with my crazy schedule!


I have been going to Natural Life Chiropractic since they opened and nothing but great results. Dr. Schneider has helped me with my back and neck pain. I feel great after every visit and would refer his work to anyone.


My wife and myself go to see Jared on a regular basis. He does a great job and runs a very effecient office, you never have to wait!!


I'm not a regular user of chiropractic services, but when I injured my neck; a few friends referred me to Dr. Schneider. The issue was remedied in 2-3 sessions, and he gave me some great advice for a few things to do at home as well. Not the typical plan of action I was used to at other places I've been in the past involving multiple adjustments from now till I die.. Very refreshing to find a Doctor of Chiropractic who is willing to work with anyone, and with all sorts of needs.


Dr. Jared Schneider is a very caring, professional, knowledgeable and kind physician. He has helped me a great deal with my back issues and treats me like I matter. He is always friendly, pleasant and considerate. I highly recommend him and appreciate the great care he always gives me.


My family and I moved back to the area recently, and after moving the contents from our house 3 times within a weeks span I needed an adjustment. Dr. Schneider got me straightened out in no time. Have been going to him ever since. I wouldn't reccomend any other place.


Doctor Jared is amazing, I've been going to Natural Life for about 2 years now and it's because of Doctor Jared's great work! He truly just wants to help heal! 5 star recommendation from me!


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